ホラー調査型シナリオ特化RPGだそうです。すでにPDFと印刷の形で出ている作品の中では「Fear Itself」がサイレントヒルちっくなのでちょっと買ってみようかと。

Fear Itself plunges ordinary people into a disturbing contemporary world of madness and violence. Players take the roles of regular folks much like themselves, who are inexorably drawn into confrontation with the creatures of the Outer Black, an unearthly realm of alien menace. With or without its distinctive mythology, GMs can use it to replicate the shudders and shocks of the horror genre in both film and literature.

Fear Itself serves as an ideal platform for one-shot games, in which, like any self-respecting horror flick, few, if any, of the protagonists are expected to survive the climax. It can also be employed to run ongoing campaigns in which the leading characters gradually discover more about the disturbing supernatural reality hiding in the shadows of the ordinary world. Over time, they grow more adept at combating them—or spiral tragically into insanity and death.
Fear Itself takes you closer to the territory of 28 Days Later, Cabin Fever or In the Mouth Of Madness.